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Justin Trudeau's Motorcade Gets Into a Traffic Accident in California Resulting in 3 Injuries

Justin Trudeau's Motorcade Gets Into a Traffic Accident in California Resulting in 3 Injuries
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had just finished speaking on the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement in Simi Valley, California, when the California Highway Patrol motorcycle leading his motorcade out of the Reagan Presidential Library was struck by an SUV.

Luckily, there were no fatalities in the accident that occurred on Friday at 7:20 p.m. Trudeau survived unscathed; however, 3 people sustained minor injuries, including the officer on the motorcycle.

According to The Toronto Star, Sgt. Saul Gomez with the highway patrol said that the injured officer was trying to halt vehicular traffic four miles down the road from the venue when another passenger vehicle swerved left into the intersection, causing the collision.

The scene described that the "officer's motorcycle was on its side and debris was spread across the four lanes of roadway."

The bumper of a black, 2008 Toyota Highlander was also on the ground. The rear passenger corner of the vehicle was mangled, with metal hanging off the body of the car.

Witness Nivea Bustanante heard the crash and saw the officer on the ground and another officer pulling the Toyota over to the side of the road.

She saw the woman, who was apparently the driver of the SUV, being taken into the ambulance.

The lady in the car, she was just afraid. She was making a left turn and then she was very scared. She looked very scared.

The husband of the driver told ABC7 she may injured her neck, and their son may have broken his wrist.

The injured officer was taken to Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California, where he's being treated for minor injuries.

Gomez didn't notice the woman who caused the accident being impaired while driving, but if the collision is proven to be her fault, she could face charges.

Commander Roy Jones of the Simi Valley Police Department said an investigation is underway, including whether or not the motorcade followed proper protocol of using sirens and lights.

"It's still under investigation but likely the driver of the vehicle will be found at fault," Jones said in an interview.

Trudeau was visiting California since Thursday for a number of meetings, including discussions on Canadian investments, and to promote Canada as a place for the tech industry after his frustrations over the U.S. immigration laws.

He also met with Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, who's seeking Toronto as a possible second location as headquarters.

On Friday, Trudeau met with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in San Francisco covering topics such as health care and trade.

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