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Guy Jumps Off 100ft Bridge Into River Because He's 'Bored'—And Miraculously Survives

Guy Jumps Off 100ft Bridge Into River Because He's 'Bored'—And Miraculously Survives

A Louisiana man is lucky to be alive after jumping off a 100-foot bridge into the murky, heavy-current waters below.

His reason for jumping?

He was bored in traffic.

26-year-old Jimmy Ivan Jennings chose to jump into the Atchafalaya River when he and his friends were stuck in standstill traffic caused by a 10-car pileup further down Interstate 10 in Butte La Rose, Louisiana.

Friends of Jennings filmed the stunt and posted the video online, where it quickly attracted the concerned attention of people who saw it.

Jennings told ABC 7all the details of the incident:

"I jumped off the bridge and when I hit the shoulder hurt but I just started swimming, and I couldn't get back to the bay because the current was way too strong."
"I stayed in the water for probably about two and a half, three hours. I thought I was gonna die but God saved me. And finally all the waters went still and I was able to get back."
"It was pretty crazy me getting back to shore."

But when he got there, it was no picnic.

"I was walking and heard officers come behind me with their guns and told me to put my hands up, but I couldn't since I hurt my shoulders from the fall."
"They all had their guns on me. They were telling me to 'get on the ground, get on the ground.' So I got on the ground, listened to them, and they put me handcuffs."

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office told ABC 7 Jennings was cited for criminal mischief and criminal trespassing.

But although Jennings appeared to have the support of his friends—who had a bizarrely casual approach to the leap—not everybody was enthusiastic.

Indy100reported a woman on Facebook claiming to be Jennings' mother scolded all those who egged him on before, during and after the jump.

She posted:

"I have something to say to everyone that is messaging me about my son Jimmy Jennings jumping over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge."
"As his mother I don't find anything funny at all about what he did nor believe that it was a heroic act as some people are stating on Facebook..."
"The fact that (So Called Friends of his) were there with him filming the whole thing and laughing about it, and started posting it turns my stomach!"

News of Jennings' stunt attracted a slew of interested commentary on Twitter.

Given the hardly surprising near-death experience, it's a safe bet Jennings may opt for alternative forms of entertainment the next time he's bored in traffic.