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'Uncut Gems' Star Julia Fox Admits She Should Start Dating Women Since She Has A 'Gay Bone'

The actor said she's done dating men and called penises 'weapons of mass destruction' during an interview with comedian Ziwe Fumudoh.

Julia Fox

Actor and influencer Julia Fox has the internet buzzing once again after admitting her sexuality might be slightly toward the gay end of the spectrum—and that she's really, really had it with men.

The Uncut Gems star and former Ye paramour made the comments during a sit-down with comedian Ziwe Fumodoh for her hilarious Showtime interview show Ziwe after Fumodoh asked about her dating life.

After saying that she has definitely lost interest in the endeavor, Fox explained that she might start dating women instead because she has a "gay bone."

See the chat below.

Whether or not she's actually gay, Fox is definitely over men at the moment. Asked if she's currently seeing anyone, Fox gave an answer that will surely be relatable to all too many people currently in the dating pool.

“No. Why would I wanna waste my time?”

Fumodoh then followed up by asking if Fox had ever considered dating women, and Fox didn't even hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

“I have been thinking about it a lot recently. I do think I have a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more."

She went on to say that the question of whether she might be gay has come up in several of her relationships with men.

"Maybe my ex-boyfriends weren’t wrong when they were calling me a lesbian and complaining that I never wanted to have sex with them.”

But it was when Fumodoh asked Fox her type that she landed on her real feelings.

After identifying that she prefers men who are "not white," she then reneged, deciding that all men are equally disappointing--and that their penises in particular are wildly problematic.

“They shouldn’t even be allowed to have penises. It’s just unfair."
"If I were president, I would just give guns to every woman and not any guns to any men."
"Because I feel like if they could have a penis, which is a weapon of mass destruction, it can be, I think that women should be allowed to have the same."
"I think it equals the playing field. I think we wouldn’t get f**ked with so much.”

And just in case her feelings about men weren't crystal clear, Fox even told Fumodoh she thinks women should be allowed to kill men. She told Fumodoh:

“I think that if the man deserves it, yeah why not? Men kill women all the time for no reason.”

She was kidding about that part of course--well, one hopes anyway!

But joke or no, many people online could not stop laughing--and cheering--at Fox's comments.

Fumodoh, of course, is known for never shying away from the tough questions, no matter how awkward, so of course she also dived into the romance with Ye that made Fox a household name, at least among those online.

Fox told Fumodoh that their romance was short-lived due to Ye's "red flags" and "unresolved issues," and then admitted that her relationship with him did wonders for her career. She is nothing if not honest!