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J.Lo Becomes Instant Legend After She Somehow Worked 'Let's Get Loud' Into Her Inauguration Performance

Patrick Semansky-Pool/Getty Images

Joe Biden's inauguration was a star-studded event, featuring performances by Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks, and Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez sang a medley of "This Land Is Your Land" and "America the Beautiful," but fans of the singer were also delighted by an extra line she snuck in right at the end of her performance.

At the very end of her medley, Lopez snuck one last "let's get loud!" into the song, an unmissable reference to her hit song of the same name.

This is the first and likely the only time "Let's Get Loud" will play such a prominent role in a presidential inauguration.

J. Lo's fans on Twitter were more excited about her reference than the song itself.

Who could have predicted such a dramatic twist to the inauguration?

Perhaps this was exactly what America needed to begin to move past the multiple traumas of the last four years.

If President Biden is taking Twitter seriously, he's probably drafting an executive order now to ensure Lopez's "Let's Get Loud" becomes a presidential staple.