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Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Trump Supporters Into Defending Richard Nixon's Crimes, And It Was Way Too Easy

For many, the only thing more shocking than the acts described during President Trump's ongoing impeachment hearings has been Republicans willingness to stand by Trump despite the evidence against him.

Those who were around in the 1970's have been reminded of how some Republicans stood by an obviously corrupt President Nixon. In fact, the Republican response is so similar in some ways that Jimmy Kimmel was able to create a viral sensation by getting random conservatives to defend Nixon by accident.

In the latest edition of "Lie Witness News," Kimmel reveals that some Republicans will stand by Trump no matter what he does.

Lie Witness News – Trump Watergate Edition

People on Twitter were in disbelief at the ignorance on display.

If Trump is wrong, then many conservatives don't want to be right!

Maybe Nixon's crimes weren't even so bad.

Clips like this one aren't promising for the future of our nation.

At first, people were watching for a quick laugh, only to find themselves disappointed in humanity.

The biggest mystery?

Why would these people let their clips air on TV?

Maybe 40 years from now, we'll see a clip of conservatives defending some future Republican's actions, not knowing they're actually talking about the famously guilty President Trump.

The film Frost/Nixonchronicling the real interviews between President Richard Nixon and host David Frost—is available here.