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Jimmy Buffet Followed His Unique Rendition Of The National Anthem With An Epic Mic Drop 😂

During the NFC championship game between the Saints and the Rams, the NFL flew Jimmy Buffett in from his hometown of Margaritaville to perform the national anthem.

Not only did Buffett put his own unique swing on the song, he also decided to end it in style with a huge mic drop.

Watch Buffet's rendition here.

Jimmy Buffett performs National Anthem at Saints playoff game

On social media, people couldn't get enough of Buffett's attitude as he wrapped up the anthem.

Other Twitter users felt Buffett's mic drop was somewhat unearned...

Of course, Buffett isn't the first star to leave fans somewhat disappointed by an anthem performance.

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But Buffett's rendition of the anthem has garnered extra attention because of how he punctuated it!

At least he was having fun?

There were also some who pointed out the unfortunate image Buffett created when dropping the mic from so high in the air.

Buffett fans didn't really mind his performance, but strangers to his work were left a bit confused.

The Rams went on to win the NFC championship (earning a spot in the Superbowl) after a controversial missed call where a Rams defender clearly committed pass interference on a crucial third down for the Saints.

But we know the truth.

Don't worry, Jimmy, we'll remember the good times.

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