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11 Memes That Poke Fun at Flat Earthers

11 Memes That Poke Fun at Flat Earthers

Ancient cultures believed that the Earth was flat until Aristotle challenged the notion with empirical evidence that it was in fact round. The new theory gained momentum well beyond the Hellenistic period, of course, as advanced technology has allowed us to see with our own eyes that we do in fact live on a spherical planet.

It seems, however, that we have come back full circle, thanks to the proliferation of proponents of the archaic theory on the Internet. Yes, Flat Earthers are back in a big way.

According to The Verge, Google Searches for the Flat Earth conspiracy increased in the last year.

The FAQ page for Flat Earth Society is the third Google search result for "flat Earth," and encourages people to distrust science completely, as the best way to experience reality is "by relying on one's own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us."

Google Trends shows the recent spike in interest for the theory.

Considering the Flat Earth conspiracy theorists have found new life online, what better place for the reality-based community to mock them than on the Internet with memes galore. Behold:

1. Putting it in perspective.

2. Super Mario went to the ends of the earth to prove a point.

Points for guessing.(Yeahboi :) Memedroid)

3. It seems mankind may have taken a giant leap backward.

4. Do Flat Earthers thrive deep in the heart of Texas?

5. Like a lone Frisbee hurtling through space.

6. If the theory fits, will it still hold up?

7. Rapper B.o.B is a Flat Earther who started a GoFundMe campaign asking for $1 million to have satellites launched into space to help "find the curve" of our planet.

8. This sums it up purrrfectly. Hard Crash

9. That time when Flat Earther Mike Hughes's rocket failed to ignite in his attempt to prove the earth is not round.

10. A flat Earth could even help explain what happened to the dinosaurs. name Jef

11. This comment fell off the edge of the earth, undetected.

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