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Trump Lawyer's Attempt To Unfavorably Compare Kamala Harris To Marge Simpson Backfires Big Time

Trump Lawyer's Attempt To Unfavorably Compare Kamala Harris To Marge Simpson Backfires Big Time
Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Fox

It's hard to believe that it's only been 48 hrs since Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, because the GOP's ham-fisted attempts to castigate her have already become the stuff of legend.

The latest attempt comes from one of President Trump's lawyers, who tried to compare Kamala Harris to Marge Simpson, to the collective crickets of the entire internet--well, crickets along with heaps and heaps of mockery, that is.

The comment came via a tweet from attorney Jenna Ellison on Wednesday afternoon.

Oh... is... is that it? *checks notes* Yep, that's it! That's the entire insult.

Bored To Death What GIFGiphy

This latest deeply ineffectual attempt to mock Kamala Harris comes on the heels of President Trump's coining her as "Phony Kamala," a moniker that makes little sense and rolls off the tongue about as well as a tongue-twister.

It also comes in the wake of President Trump's advisor Kellyanne Conway's attempting to rake Harris over the coals for enforcing marijuana laws as California Attorney General and prosecuting people for low-grade marijuana defenses.

The majority of Americans, including Harris, no longer support such laws, so even though Conway thought she was really sticking it to Harris, she seemed to forget that the President not only still supports marijuana being illegal, but also supports marijuana dealers being given the death penalty. Small oversights.

All in all, for folks on social media, it's begun to seem like the Trumpers, masters at messaging if nothing else, have begun to lose their edge. The people who came up with earworm insults like "Crooked Hillary" and "Sleepy Joe" seem to be having a heck of a time finding ways to insult Harris--"Phony Kamala" and Ellison's "She sounds like Marge Simpson!" hardly measure up.

That's, of course, before you even take into account the fact that Kamala Harris doesn't sound anything like Marge Simpson.

And on Twitter, people were definitely unimpressed--and got a boatload of laughs at Ellison's expense.

Here's hoping the administration gets better joke writers for Mike Pence's debate against Harris. He's going to need them.