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Jeanine Pirro Roasted After Absurdly Accusing Her Cell Phone Service Of 'Censorship'

SOPA Images/Getty Images

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro took to Twitter with a major concern this past Friday, November 27.

After sending a couple of texts, Pirro suspected big tech censorship because she got this message in return:

"Preceding msg modified, Media objects were removed."

Twitter took it upon themselves to explain basic technology to Pirro.

It's hard to imagine what big tech's motives for censoring Pirro's texts would be.

Who knows what liberals might be trying to do by stopping Pirro from sending pictures.

Obviously, there are any number of innocuous reasons why Pirro's texts may have failed to send, like containing too many characters or an emoji her phone doesn't support.

Perhaps Pirro simply needs a tighter grip on reality.

It's unlikely any amount of logic will sway Jeanine Pirro in her beliefs, but at least Twitter was ready to give her a lesson when the moment arose.