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Musician Jason Isbell Has Some Bad News For Kid Rock After His Anti-Trans Bud Light Tantrum

After Kid Rock filmed himself shooting cases of Bud Light for having trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney as their new brand ambassador, Isbell had some bad news for the rocker about Coors Light's support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Jason Isbell; Kid Rock
Kevin Winter/Getty Images; @KidRock/Twitter

Uh oh.

Are we about to see more cases of beer shot up by Kid Rock?

If you recall, Rock recently threw a mantrum and took his frustrations out on innocent Bud Light cans because the brand partnered with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In response to the ad posted to Instagram by Mulvaney, the singer posted the most MAGA video ever to Twitter.

He shot up cases of the brewski with an assault rifle while yelling:

"F**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch."

WARNING: NSFW language

Well, fellow musician—but LGBTQ+ ally—Jason Isbell had some words for the transphobe... and even followed up with more news that will likely enrage Rock.

The four-time Grammy winner first quote-replied to Rock's tweet, saying:

“Is this one of those three words you wish you could say to your teenage self things.”

Another user replied, referring to Rock by his real name Robert James Ritchie:

“Well, Bob’s drink of choice is guilty too!”

The reply included an image featuring facts about Coors beer, Rock's brew of choice, such as the company's anti-discrimination policy, its history of financial support of LGBTQ+ communities and its offering of same-sex domestic partner benefits, making it the only US brewing company to do so (according to the infographic).

Isbell was satisfied, tweeting:

"This is finally how we get him."
"Leave no bigoted beers to drink."

While several thanked Isbell for calling out Rock's bigotry...

... many also had their fun.

People also shared some other options for Rock 😉.

We wonder what he'll drink now.

Just kidding, no one cares.