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Jaden Smith Ignites Twitter With Cryptic Tweet After His Dad's Oscars Slap Shocks The World

Jaden Smith Ignites Twitter With Cryptic Tweet After His Dad's Oscars Slap Shocks The World
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Following an eventful Oscar night where his father executed one of the most talked-about slaps on live television, Jaden Smith posted a Tweet that has many people guessing.

The Twitter post said:

"And That's How We Do It."

See his cryptic tweet below:

On Sunday night, a major blowout ensued between Will Smith and Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith while presenting the award for best documentary.

Jada, who has openly shared her struggle with alopecia, was visibly upset when Rock said:

"Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane two, can't wait to see it."

Subsequent to the comment, Will walked up on stage, approached the comedian and hit him across the face with considerable force. He then turned around to sit back down in his seat.

At that point the sound cut out during the live airing.

An uncensored clip of the exchange went viral which showed Will Smith screaming the following at Rock:

"Keep my wife's name out your f**king mouth!"

Watch the video below:

Whether the 23-year-old son of the famous Will and Jada Smith was endorsing his dad's conduct or Oscar win is unconfirmed.

One person Tweeted the following response:

"Do WHAT?"

It was reported Jaden later said his father's speech moved him to tears.

Some are saying the tweet wasn't about the confrontation at all.

One person said:

"He supported his fathers speech. Not the behavior."
"Close families will be protective. Instinctively."
"It doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand. Shock is a real thing."

However, many speculate his Tweet was in response to Will Smith's assault on comedian Rock.

Some responded to Jaden supportively.

This person commented:

"Your father is a hero."

Another person related to Jada's plight, saying:

"You’ll likely not see this, but it felt like your Dad not only stood up for your Mum last night, but for all of us women with alopecia who face ‘comments’ every day & who then go home & cry because they hurt."
"I’ll never forget him taking a stand like that. And I thank him for it."

Someone else also came to his dad's defense, saying:

"Chris Rock deserved that."
"Jada has alopecia, which is publicly known."
"Would people think it's okay to make fun of a cancer patient for being bald?"
"I’m glad Will Smith came to his wife’s defence."

Others are sharing their disapproval of the violence at such a respected and televised event.

One person said:

"That’s how you do it?"
"Nice message to the millions of young men struggling with processing justifiable anger, on the international the platform you and your dad have."

Another person shared a similar sentiment, condemning the violence:

"That is never how to do it."
"Violence is not OK - no matter how insulted you feel."
"Just let it be or use your words."

And another:

"Jaden. Really?"
"Will was in tears after he slapped Chris. And has to be consoled by Denzel and Tyler."
"That’s not how we do it. That’s not how we do at all."

Following the incident, Will Smith was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor for King Richard.

He delivered an emotional speech with tears streaming down his face.

In it, he seemingly attempted to defend his actions by saying:

"Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family."

He then apologized to the academy and fellow nominees and said he hopes he will be invited back.