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Jada Pinkett Smith Is Reportedly Furious With 'Obsessed' Chris Rock's Oscars Slap Jokes

Rock took aim at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in his live Netflix standup special 'Selective Outrage.'

Jada Pinkett Smith; Chris Rock
Amy Sussman/WireImage/Getty Images; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

After remaining tight lipped about the infamous Oscar slap for nearly a year, Chris Rock denied Will Smith's violent request to "keep my wife's name out of your f**king mouth" during his Netflix special Selective Outrage on Saturday night, and Jada Pinkett Smith is reportedly furious about it.

Rock's standup special touched on many topics, but after about an hour into his routine, he opened up about the night Smith approached the Oscar's stage and slapped Rock after the comedian cracked a joke about wife Jada Pinkett Smith's struggle with Alopecia.

Rock admitted the slap was painful.

"People are like, 'Did it hurt?' Did it hurt?! It still hurts!"
"I got [Smith's song] 'Summertime' ringing in my ears."

But Rock also shared a little history between the trio.

Rock was clearly upset Smith decided to take aggression out on him after he offered support to the King Richard star upon learning Pinkett Smith admittedly cheated on him while others—according to Rock—were calling him a "b*tch."

"His wife was f*cking her son's friend. I normally wouldn't talk about this sh*t... No one has ever been interviewed by the person who cheated on us on television."
"Why the f*ck would you do that sh*t?"

He continued:

"She hurt him way more than he hurt me. Everybody in the world called him a b*tch. I tried to call the motherf*cker, I tried to call that man and give him my condolences..."
"Everybody called him a b*tch and who's he hit? Me."

And Rock didn't stop there.

He brought up another Oscars controversy.

"Years ago, his wife said I should quit the Oscars. I shouldn't host 'cause her man didn't get nominated for 'Concussion.' And then he gives me a f**king concussion."

He added:

"I did some jokes about her. Who gives a f**k?"
"That's how it is: She starts it, I finish it. That's what the f**k happened."
"Nobody's pickin' on this b*tch. She started this sh*t. Nobody was pickin' on her."

A source close to Pinkett Smith opened up to People about the actress' reaction to Rock's special.

They revealed:

"Jada has had no part in all of this other than being heckled. Chris is obsessed with her and that's been going on for almost 30 years."
"Look where he chose to film his Netflix special. Her hometown [of Baltimore]. Obsessed."

Of the other Oscars controversy Rock referred to in his bit, the source shared:

"Back in 2016 she helped start a movement with the Academy Awards by questioning why there are so few Black members, and Chris took it to this?"
"She never asked Chris to not host the Oscars ever. She publicly said in a Facebook post at the time Chris would be a great Oscars host and is perfect for the job."

The source also shared they "were shocked at how many times Chris used the word b*tch in referring to Jada."

People on Twitter agreed Rock is obsessed with Pinkett Smith.

But many weren't buying it, some adding that the jokes were justified.

Rock's specialSelective Outrage is available to stream now on Netflix, so you can watch it all unfold for yourself.

Pinkett Smith has not publicly commented on the show personally.