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Airline Apologizes After Instagram Model Forced To Cover Up By Crew For Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit

Airline Apologizes After Instagram Model Forced To Cover Up By Crew For Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit

After all the social distancing and sheltering-in-place we did in 2020, we're all probably ready for a little traveling.

One woman almost had her flight plans ruined when her outfit didn't meet the airline's supposed dress code.

Isabelle Eleanore, an Australian Instagram influencer and OnlyFans model, showed up for her flight at JetStar in distressed jeans and a short, black crop top.

Eleanore later shared on Instagram what the outfit looked like, stating:

"[This is] the outfit that almost got me kicked off the plane. I love living in the 1920s."

When Eleanore and her husband attempted to board their flight, they were stopped by a member of the flight crew and told the model would not be able to fly without covering up.

The crew member stated:

"You can't fly wearing a bikini."

Eleanore insisted:

"It's not a bikini. It's a top."

At first, the crew member suggested Eleanore cover herself with a spare shirt of hers or her husband's, but when the couple claimed they did not have spare clothes in their carry-on bags, the flight crew member asked them to step aside.

The couple was left waiting for several minutes while the crew member searched for something for Eleanore to wear, as she would otherwise not be allowed to fly.

The crew member returned with a neon yellow high-visibility vest worn by ground crew members. She was instructed to wear it throughout the duration of her flight.

During the flight, Eleanore shared the situation with her followers on Instagram and Twitter and asked:

"Is it 1921, not 2021?"

Feeling discriminated against, Eleanore called the airline out on Twitter.

Some supported the model in wearing what she wanted on the flight.

Others weren't so convinced.

After the flight, JetStar reached out to Eleanore and offered her an apology for how she was treated before the flight.

JetStar explained:

"We've contacted Isabelle about her recent experience and have apologized for the way the situation was handled."
"There was a misunderstanding of what our policy was, and we have reminded our crew of our dress requirements."
"While we do have basic dress requirements on our flights (ie, shoes), we do not have any policy regarding crop tops."

Eleanore posted to Instagram again, addressing why the issue was important to her.

She explained:

"I feel as though I need to address last night's events."
"This is a rhetoric on society as a whole, not just the lady who singled me out."
"The reason this situation is striking a chord with so many people isn't a reflection on me, but a reflection on society, and the belief that society should be able to dictate what is acceptable for people (more so women) to wear and do."
"To be publicly shamed and humiliated over a clothing item, and/or the exposure of skin is archaic and discriminatory behavior."

Eleanore has since removed the commenting feature on her posts related to this experience.

Though everyone may not see eye-to-eye on this one, Eleanore has strong feelings about self-expression and body positivity.

At least JetStar was willing to meet her in the middle.