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Instacart Shopper Speaks Out After Customer Cancels In Middle Of Her Buying Their 125-Item Order

Instacart Shopper Speaks Out After Customer Cancels In Middle Of Her Buying Their 125-Item Order

An upset Instacart personal shopper shared an awful experience she had with the app to TikTok.

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that allows customers to order groceries that are then picked out, packed and delivered by a personal shopper.

TikTok user @maliyahgibbs posted videos showing themselves visibly distressed by Instacart support's response to a customer cancelling a large order.


This is only part 1. @Instacart @Instacart Care Team you need to do better!! This shouldn’t be allowed to happen! #instacart #storytime #instacartshopper #instacartshopping

In the video, Gibbs explained she was working on an Instacart order that was going to pay her nearly $200 including tip.

Halfway through working on the unusually large order, which included 125 items, she received an alert the customer suddenly cancelled.

Gibbs explained the cancellation reason on the order was marked as “inactivity”, even though Gibbs was working on packing and weighing produce for the order, a slow process she was actively messaging with the customer throughout.


Part 2. I’m so mad @instacart @instacartcare #instacart #instacartshopper #instacartshopperhelp

When she reached out to Instacart for help with the order, the support representative told her despite her efforts and the circumstances, Gibbs would only be paid $7 for her time.

For past personal shopper assignments from the app, Gibbs had been compensated much more for smaller orders cancelled after the fact.


Part 3. @instacart @instacartcare #fyp #instacart #instacartshopper #instacartstorytime #instacartshopperhelp #storytime

When she asked the representative for higher compensation, the representative retaliated by placing a “marker” on her account, basically reporting her to be reviewed and potentially kicked off the app.

Many people related to Gibb's experience, having been treated similarly by Instacart.





In some cases, people told Gibbs Instacart support did compensate them appropriately and urged her to contact them again.





Other commenters were alarmed over Instacart's wasteful policies and wondered why customers could cancel mid-order.


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Gibbs has not posted further information since her three part story.