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Images Of Guy's Unseasoned Chicken Cooking In The Oven Leaves The Internet Completely Bewildered 😮

@vanessaamariaa (Twitter)

It is hard to shock the internet but Twitter user @corihealey succeeded in doing so when she posted pictures of her boyfriend's roommate's unseasoned chicken in the oven.

The Maryland native rushed to Twitter yesterday after she got a glimpse of her boyfriend's roommate's cooking.

She introduced the disturbing images, saying:

"Y'all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriends roommates chicken with me"

She decided the one image wouldn't suffice, so she posted another at a different angle.


She concluded by simply saying, "Pray for him."

What does one do with three oven-baked, unseasoned chicken breasts?

Twitter definitely does not know, and is equally as "distraught" by the images.

One person had the courage to admit that they, too, had once prepared unseasoned chicken.

But another Twitter user encouraged them to keep their mouth shut.

Best wishes to Cori's boyfriend's roommate. May their taste buds one day be awoken.

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