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This Woman's Viral Hack For Removing The Creases From Your Sneakers Is An Absolute Game Changer

Since the invention of sneakers, people have been consistently frustrated by the inevitable creases which appear near the shoes toe.

There was simply no way to stop the shoes from showing this small sign of wear and tear...until now!

YouTuber Shantel De Bonsu has saved us all with a fun and informative video on how to remove those pesky creases from your sneakers!


Shantel also provided step-by-step instructions via Twitter!

Take notes, people!

This was the advice Twitter never knew it needed!

People started sending Shantel pictures of their newly-uncreased shoes!

Twitter users everywhere were overjoyed at their newfound knowledge!

The best part? Shantel's advice would work on almost any kind of shoe!

Shantel has not only made an impressive video, but done an important service to humanity.

If this advice helped you, check out Shantel's other posts!

Next up: getting the creases out of bags!