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Video of Harry Styles Getting Groped by Fan Leaves Many Angry

Video of Harry Styles Getting Groped by Fan Leaves Many Angry

Many people are outraged after a video of Harry Styles getting groped by a fan made the rounds on Twitter.

The incident occurred during Styles' performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night as part of the fifth annual "We Can Survive" concert to benefit breast cancer.

One Twitter user shared the upsetting video, saying: "Harry was touched inappropriately during kiwi, absolutely disgusting."

As you can see in the video, several fans reach out to touch Styles as he makes his way to the front of the stage, and one fan grabs his crotch, prompting Styles to brush the hand off and quickly back away.

Another fan shared their recollection of what went down:

The incident caused many on Twitter to tweet out in support of Harry using #RespectHarry, urging his fans not to treat him like a piece of meat.

After all, celebrities are people too.

The incident also has many people reflecting on the conversation that the nation had recently regarding sexual harassment and consent in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has rocked the nation, along with harassment allegations that have plagued various places of business, such as Fox News and Uber.

After several celebrities came forward to share their stories, actress Alyssa Milano spread the hashtag #MeToo, which encouraged women to open up about their experiences with sexual harassment, assault, and rape in order to show just how widespread the problem truly is.

Many men got in on the movement as well, sharing that sexual harassment is something that can affect anyone.

The Harry Styles case is a perfect example.

Harry Styles has yet to publicly comment about the incident, but hopefully it will continue to keep people thinking about how they view and treat people, including celebrities. In the meantime, there is no shortage of outrage from Twitter.

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