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Harrison Ford Absolutely Rips Conan O'Brien For Writing 'Han Solo' In His Notes During Interview

Screenshots of Conan O'Brien and Harrison Ford
Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

The 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend' podcast host played into his supposed lack of knowledge that Ford was in the 'Star Wars' movies during a hilarious back-and-forth.

For someone who has publicly shared his disdain for Han Solo and expressed his desired for the Star Warscharacter to be prematurely killed off, Harrison Ford sure got a little defensive when Conan O'Brien needed a written reminder that Ford played the iconic character.

But we get it...

And their exchange was absolute internet gold.

Ford appeared on the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast, and during a discussion about his father's nationality, he caught a glimpse of the host's notes and hilariously called out the "quality" of O'Brien's research.

Speaking with his guest, O'Brien mentioned that Ford's father was German and Irish.

Ford responded:

“My father was Irish, Irish. No German."

O'Brien, checking his notes, quipped:

“OK, I refer you to this piece of paper right here that says born and raised in Chicago to an Irish/German father."

Ford then eyed the notes and remarked:

“If that’s the quality of your research, which I imagine it is, because right there it says ‘Harrison Ford’ and then you had to write down ‘Han Solo.'"

O'Brien admitted:

“Yeah I did."

Appalled, Ford asked:

“You can’t f**king remember that?”

Much to Ford's apparent shock, the host noted he felt Han Solo didn't really "pop," but he did applaud the characters in the franchise that stood out to him, such as Chewbacca, "the bad guy with the black helmet," and "some people."

Ford then cracked:

“How come you’re not still on television?”

To which O'Brien replied:

“I think it’s quite obvious why I’m not still on television."

You can watch the highly entertaining moment below.

WARNING: NSFW language

People on social media expressed their sheer delight in the hysterical dialogue.

You can listen to the full episode below.

WARNING: NSFW language

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