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Listen Up Ladies: This Genius Hack For High-Waisted Jeans That Are Too Big Is Here To Save Your Wardrobe

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Look, I'm going to level with you guys. At 4'10" literally all jeans are high-waisted jeans on me so this isn't exactly my area of expertise.

Having said that, I do know a thing or two about being too curvy to get things to fit properly.

Since high-waisted jeans have made a come back, people have started to remember why they went away to begin with. They're almost impossible to get to fit right!

But worry not, fellow curvies. I've got you covered with this hack from Depop.

This won't work for all of you

and it's only a temporary fix. To get that smooth snug-as-skin look, you're going to need to go to a tailor (or... like... wear leggings; which are totally pants, I will die on this hill!) but in a pinch, this hack is a game changer that takes you from looking like this:


Cute on a dog. Not cute on you.

To this:


Denim glory achieved!

(Shout out to Janet Jackson for serving up high-waisted hottie realness.)

First let's lay down some "ground rules."

You want to start out with a pair of jeans that is as close to properly fitting as possible. Ideally you want a correct fit around the hips and thighs with only a bit of gapping at the waist.

This isn't going to help you if your jeans are 3 sizes too big.

The jeans also need belt loops. No belt loops?

No hack. Sorry.

We know strangely smooth loopless jeans exist, but this isn't going to work with them.

Since most of us will be working with high-waisted jeans that almost fit right and are a typical belt-looped style, we're going to assume you're good to go.

Step one: Put on your jeans as normal.

Step two: Zip 'em up.

Step three: Loop the button through your belt loop before securing it in the button hole.

For a visual, we turn to Depop.

Since the video was posted, it's racked up over 140k views and countless shares. Love it or hate it, people's minds are blown.

Sure, the hack has it's problems (like the fact that you may have just created an extra front crease that you'll need to try and tuck behind the zipper) but like we said, in a pinch it can be a total game changer.

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If you decide you want to rock that high waist jean look, a lot of varieties are available. Including skinny jeans, sexy jeans and heavily distressed jeans.