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Hilariously Jumbled Motivational Message On Gym's Stairs Has Twitter Completely Perplexed

Hilariously Jumbled Motivational Message On Gym's Stairs Has Twitter Completely Perplexed

Motivating people when you don't know them is difficult. What gets one person going might be a total turnoff for someone else.

We completely understand the copywriter here was tasked with motivating the masses (hard since people are individuals) to do something they probably don't want to do (climb the stairs to this gym) when an easier option is readily available (there's an elevator right there and also we could just not go to the gym at all—that's fine too).

It's a big ask!

Having said all of that, what we can't understand is what on earth this copywriter is even trying to say. It's very possible that Twitter user @LizerReal uncovered the most brilliant and motivating thing ever written... it's just that nobody can understand it.


Is it brilliance so pure that it's incomprehensible to our feeble, unevolved, minds?

Is it poetry?

Is this a threatening prophecy?

Is it performance art and the readers confusion is meant to be a statement on the larger state of motivation and inspiration in an urban environment where the human animal's natural motivators are largely absent?

Is it installation error? If so, what was it supposed to say?

There's nothing particularly news-worthy about these steps. They're not in a famous building, they weren't photographed in some celebs personal gym, they didn't feature in the background of one of a random Netflix show that got canceled 3 minutes after it premiered.

There's honestly no reason for us, or anyone, to be so stuck on this ... but it struck Twitters collective "confused dog head tilt" button and people just couldn't let it go.

Which, of course, means folks went into detective mode.

... and we still aren't sure they've got it figured out.

HIT being used as an acronym makes the most sense, but the correct acronym for high intensity interval training (a popular training method you might use at a gym) is HIIT, not HIT.

We love the way Twitter can't let stuff go.

It makes us feel better about the rabbit holes we've found ourselves diving down in order to satisfy our random curiosities.