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Guy's Tweet Informing Women How To 'Avoid Getting Raped' Gets Shut All The Way Down

Guy's Tweet Informing Women How To 'Avoid Getting Raped' Gets Shut All The Way Down
Flashpop/Getty Images, @CGdelvallejr/Twitter

Dear human beings of internet,

Women do not need to be further educated in ways to "avoid getting raped."

Please stop.

It would be more prudent to ... I dunno ... not rape people, maybe?

It is not the victim's responsibility.

When you try and frame rape as the fault of the victim, you look like a total jerkface. When you look like a total jerkface because you tried to frame rape as the fault of the victim, social media will have absolutely no problem letting you know exactly what they think of you.



Our latest hot garbage victim-blaming take on the subject comes from Carlos Del Valle.

Since almost none of you will know who that is, let's take a moment to review his Twitter bio, shall we?

Carlos describes himself as a:

"Trainer. Author. Speaker. Transforming Average Civilians into Modern Warriors."

So clearly he's got lots to say about lots of things. Recently one of those things was rape; and we're sure you folks can see where this was going.

Nowhere good. If it was good we wouldn't be writing this.

Carlos wants women to know...

Not only is this a lot of work, it's ridiculous.

It's victim-blaming. It's gross. It got itself a well-deserved roasting.

Seriously people hated this so much, y'all. Like if Twitter had the collective ability to hex people, this guy would have nothing but barefoot LEGO stomping in his future.

Twitter does not, as far as we know, have any magical abilities. That's a good thing for Carlos because that Tweet went down in total flames. Almost nobody was even remotely willing to entertain his ideas.


@The_Dave_ / Twitter


The Tweet made it's way to Reddit, where it flopped just as spectacularly.

"Hollll up. So, according to their logic, you'd have to get a boyfriend, but you can't talk to men you don't know. How's that supposed to work????" - FenderBender98
"If you get murdered, you shouldn't have looked like a murder victim!"
"Have you tried... NOT having your house robbed?"
"Remember sweetie, if you commit tax fraud, it's the IRS's fault for tempting you!" - ParanoidPlum
"This is the exact type of person who then complains that "women see all men as rapists" and won't talk to them." - CharacterRoyal

OK, so we will admit that seeing that tweet is distressing. It tells us that there are still people out there who think this way, who feel like rape and sexual assaults are the victim's fault.

And that every single male on the planet is a rapist just waiting for women to not follow the rules. That every man is incapable of self control.


Rather than letting ourselves get bummed out that people who think like this actually exist and are out in the world around us, we are choosing to take heart in exactly how quickly and thoroughly this mindset was shut down.

By many men in addition to women.

It kind of restores your faith in humanity and gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?

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