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Guy On Street Doesn't Realize Compliment On His 'You're Killing Me, Smalls' Shirt Is Actually From 'The Sandlot''s 'Great Hambino' Himself


It's been over twenty years since the iconic summer pick-up baseball movie The Sandlot touched our young hearts and brought us a fantasy summer full of friends, fun, and oversized dogs. But maybe it actually escaped some people, like a young man who happened to run into Patrick Renna and Tom Guiry on the street.

The young man was wearing a "You're Killing Me, Smalls!" shirt which featured a picture of Renna's character from the film:

20th Century Fox

But when he was stopped on the street by the actors, it seemed like he had no idea who he was actually talking to.

And a generation gasped. HOW can you not get the reference?!

Or maybe he just didn't recognize Renna, even though he was wearing Renna on his shirt. 25 years probably has made a small difference.

Most of us agree this kid is an L7 Weenie:

Seriously. How can you not recognize a legend like the Great Hambino himself?

Maybe this kid needs spectacles:

But we ALL feel a certain phrase has NEVER been more appropriate than for this moment:

You're killin' me, smalls. You're killin' us all.

The cast of The Sandlot reunited back in April for this iconic photo:

And for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

So even though this one youth forgot the summer of 1962, The Sandlot will live on in all of our hearts for many years to come.

H/T: CBS, Hollywood Reporter