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Guy Buys Islamophobic Hate Group's Domain Name And Turns It Into An Erotic Furry Site

Guy Buys Islamophobic Hate Group's Domain Name And Turns It Into An Erotic Furry Site
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Brady Grumpelt came to an important realization.

When feeling frustrated about the rise of a Canadian alt-right group called The Wolves of Odin, he discovered that they did not have a website registered under their name.

So he decided to register it for them.

The Wolves of Odin is known for its Islamophobic tirades, harassing Muslims and spying on Canada's oldest mosque. As an antidote to this hatred, Grumpelt decided to make the website that bears their name a home for gay furry erotica.

Furries are people who are attracted to people in mascot outfits and depictions of anthropomorphized creatures. They are not attracted to actual animals.

Many people who identify as furries also identify as members of the LGBTQ community, however, the two do not go hand in hand.

According to LGBTQ Nation, Grumpelt...

"...filled with images of male-wolves with names like "Chocolate_Rain" and "Bigger_Woofer" posing seductively in tight shorts. Some furries worry that his site will stigmatize their kink, but Grumpelt says he meant no offense and wanted only to mock the Wolves of Odin."

On the site are also links to a GoFundMe for organizations that combat hate speech, as well as a challenge to sell the domain to anyone who donates $10,000 to HateFreeYEG, which is an Alberta-based organization which is fighting bigotry in the city of Edmonton.

In perhaps the greatest of ironies, the furry community is currently being rocked by controversy over conflicts between anti-fascist furries and those who are part of an alt-right furry group who style themselves 'alt-furries'.

Meanwhile, Canada's Muslims have extended an olive branch to The Wolves of Odin that they probably don't deserve.

Many were amused by Grumpelt's technique.

And apparently anti-Wolves of Odin protestors in Finland have their own technique.

All hail the Clowns of Odin.