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Fox News Host Rants About How College Students Aren't Hot Anymore: 'They're Rejecting The Truth In Beauty'

Fox News Host Rants About How College Students Aren't Hot Anymore: 'They're Rejecting The Truth In Beauty'
Fox News

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld was criticized after he made the misogynistic claim college isn't "fun" anymore because college students are no longer attractive by his standards and therefore "rejecting the truth in beauty."

Gutfeld made the remarks during a segment on The Five about how “college kids are realizing how woke universities are just not worth it” because undergraduate enrollment in universities has dropped 10 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

Somehow, in between comments from fellow The Five panelists attributing this decline to laziness, high tuition costs, and "wokeness," Gutfeld launched into a rant about how college students aren't living up to his own particular beauty standards.

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Gutfeld—who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1987—said:

"College doesn’t look like it’s fun anymore. I mean, have you seen how miserable and how miserable-looking a lot of the students are?”
“They’re deliberately, like, ugly-fying themselves. You see them on TikTok. They’re out of shape, they’re asexual."
"They’re like ... rejecting the truth in beauty. They all look like rejects from a loony bin. I’d steer clear of college, too."

His remarks were greeted with enthusiasm by rotating host Harold Ford Jr.—a former Democratic Representative from Tennessee who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992—who said that college presidents should be compelled to come to Congress and "explain why this stuff keeps going on."

Gutfeld was criticized for his remarks.

Gutfeld is not the only Republican to put down college students or their perceived attractiveness.

Over the summer, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz was criticized after he referred to pro-choice activists as "over-educated, under-loved millennials" and suggested they're only angry about a rightward shift in reproductive rights because they can't get matches on dating apps.

Gaetz later assailed young women—many of them college students—who've protested after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, saying that "women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions" at "pro-abortion, pro-murder rallies."