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Olympian Gus Kenworthy 'Trying To Cope' After Sudden Death Of Puppy He Rescued From Korean Meat Farm

Olympian Gus Kenworthy 'Trying To Cope' After Sudden Death Of Puppy He Rescued From Korean Meat Farm
Gus Kenworthy/Instagram

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, skier Gus Kenworthy visited a South Korean dog-meat farm and rescued an adorable puppy whom he named Beemo. The pair quickly became inseparable, as countless Instagram photos attest to. However, due to an undiagnosed birth defect, Beemo passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, May 24.

Kenworthy posted a photo of Beemo on Instagram with a caption remembering his beloved pet:

Kenworthy and his boyfriend Mathew Wilkas became concerned when Beemo began showing less and less interest in her food. After several trips to the vet, Kenworthy insisted on a full body scan, which revealed an incurable issue:

The scan revealed that her lungs were deteriorated and that her heart was too big for her body – a birth defect we had no way of knowing about. Unable to treat her there, I rushed her to the emergency vet where a breathing tube was put down her throat. They hoped that with a respirator breathing for her they could get her vitals back to a normal level so she could be treated but they were never able to do so.

Beemo and Kenworthy were incredibly close.

One can't make it far into Gus's Instagram without seeing Beemo.

Kenworthy ended his goodbye by saying:

[Beemo] was the kindest, most gentle soul I've ever known. She loved people. She loved birds and the snow. She loved me and Matt. But most of all she loved meeting other dogs. If any of you have pets up in doggy heaven please tell them to go find Bee because she could really use a good play date right now. RIP sweet creature - your daddy loves you more than you could ever even know!

Our condolences, Gus and Matt. Beemo was a very, very good dog.

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