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Groom Allegedly Got Revenge On Cheating Bride By Playing Video Of Her Naked In Bed With Her Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding

Groom Allegedly Got Revenge On Cheating Bride By Playing Video Of Her Naked In Bed With Her Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding
@broplgxkfre / Twitter

There's nothing quite like framing your new spouse for cheating on you when you've just agreed to spend the rest of your lives together.

A video has gone viral, depicting the groom framing his new wife for cheating on him, but there may be a bit of a catch.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit, the bride and groom appear on stage, probably at their reception after the wedding.

The DJ at the wedding can be heard speaking Chinese, to cheered responses from the crowd. The DJ said in the video that they were next going to see a video of how the bride and groom grew up.

But instead of seeing a video of cute childhood pictures, the crowd was surprised with a video of the bride having sex with her sister's husband.

The groom immediately turns to the bride and says:

"Did you really think I didn't know?"

To this, the bride throws her bouquet at the groom, and they are then separated by their wedding party before they can physically start fighting up on the stage.

You can see the viral video here:

The video allegedly was filmed in Fujian, China, last Thursday. The video quickly went viral across popular websites in China, and then quickly spread across Twitter and Reddit.

The backstory to the video is incredibly fuzzy, as it sounds like the newlywed's relationship was complicated.

According to the Chinese entertainment blogger Jiang Zhe Hu Ba Jie, the couple had been together for approximately two years before tying the knot, but they also struggled with domestic abuse problems.

In an effort to heal the couple's relationship, the bride's brother-in-law, her sister's husband, stepped in to mediate the couple while they sorted things out. According to the blogger, the two developed feelings for each other during this time, and the bride admitted to cheating.

But the groom only discovered his soon-to-be wife was sleeping with another man when he caught them on a security camera in their newly-constructed home.

There are, of course, enraged reactions online after the bride was caught:

However, to make the situation even fuzzier, there's a good chance that the entire incident was a staged marketing stunt.

According to Chinese news outlets, including the gossip columnist Zha, several aspects of the video are questionable.

At the end of the original video, there is a large recording app logo, which may suggest that the event was a marketing stunt for that app.

The reactions in the video also do not make sense. The audience reacts so quickly to what is displayed on the video, it seems unbelievable. So are the bride and groom's reactions, as the bride doesn't even really look at the screen before throwing her bouquet at her new husband.

Reddit users, of course, have been asking a lot of questions about the video.

"No one even stopped to figure out wtf that photo was, just instant outrage."
"That instant reaction to the clip and immediately pulling away at the groom seemed a bit manufactured. Not saying that's definitive proof this whole thing was staged but something didnt feel genuine about the whole thing. I feel like a more realistic reaction would be a stunned crowd staring at the video for a bit to actually realize what's going on first."
"Plus weddings can be expensive (granted we don't know how long this alleged revenge was planned) but who would continue with taking on more expenses for a wedding just to do this?"

So though it may be an interesting story to pass a few minutes of time, there's a good chance that the story isn't entirely real.

There's nothing like an affair as a marketing tactic to get everyone riled up, though, is there?