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Greta Thunberg Updates Her Twitter Bio Yet Again To Troll Vladimir Putin

Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images; Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year-old climate change and environmental activist.

She's also the target for a disturbing number of adults.

Among those adults who enjoy taking aim at Thunberg are some world leaders. President Donald Trump took aim at Thunberg with a sarcastic Twitter post.

How did Thunberg handle it?

By incorporating Trump's comments into her Twitter bio.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin has referred to Thunberg as a "kind and very sincere girl" who is poorly informed."

So Thunberg updated her bio again.

"A kind but poorly informed teenager."@GretaThunberg/Twitter

When Thunberg isn't taking on world leaders, her bio looks like this.


People noticed the latest update.

Leaders like Putin and Trump will continue to do what they will as long as they remain in power. However Thunberg's message to these men is their words won't keep her from doing her thing either.

The young reader's book (ages 9 & up) Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went On Strike To Save The Planet is available here.


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