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Very Telling Object Spotted In MTG's 'Impeachment' Workout Video—And Yep, That Tracks

A cooler sporting the Confederate flag could be seen in the MAGA Rep.'s workout video calling for President Biden's impeachment.

Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene from her workout video

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to deflect White supremacist allegations with a bizarre workout video failed to overshadow her controversial words and actions.

In the video released last Friday, Greene prepared to lift weights while a cooler adorned with a Confederate battle flag is clearly visible next to her bike.

The Confederate battle flag—a symbol of the violent insurrection to defend slavery adopted by White nationalists and White supremacists—has been disavowed by most Republicans, including those with extreme views.

However, Greene—known more for her attention-seeking behavior than any legislative action—seems unbothered by the inclusion of a symbol associated with White supremacy.

You can see Greene's video below.

Greene declared in her video the "only way to save America" is by impeaching President Joe Biden.

She accused him of compromising national security by refusing to enforce immigration laws and secure the border. She also echoed White supremacist rhetoric by referring to undocumented migrants as "illegals" and perpetuates the baseless claim that Biden has allowed "open borders."

But it was the Confederate flag-emblazoned cooler that garnered specific attention.

The video soon caught the attention of the Twitter account @patriottakes, which specializes in calling out right-wing extremism.

The account posted the following screenshot from the video which shows the cooler in full view.

Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Confederate flag-decorated cooler from her workout video@mtgreenee/Twitter

No one was surprised to see the flag given Greene's track record.

Contrary to Greene's assertions—even left-leaning individuals and organizations including the United Nations—criticized Biden for his immigration policies.

The recent Biden administration policy severely restricts the rights of asylum seekers, denying entry to those who traveled through another country before reaching the United States and imposing a ban of up to five years on those who still attempt to enter. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other groups have filed lawsuits against these rules.

Despite the facts, Greene appears unconcerned with reality and is willing to say anything for political gain.

Last week, she sparred with Amy Spitalnick, a senior adviser on extremism at the human rights organization Human Rights First who shut down Greene's attempts to deflect from White supremacist violence to "left-wing organized violence."

Greene has faced regular criticism for aligning herself with White nationalists, at one point addressing the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), a known gathering for White supremacists.

Greene has feigned ignorance, insisting her detractors are "bought and paid for" by China and other sources she could not publicly ascertain.