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Congressional Witness Perfectly Shames MTG Over Unhinged 'White Supremacy' Rant During Hearing

During a House Homeland Security hearing, witness Amy Spitalnick fired back at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she conflated white supremacist violence with abortion.

Twitter screenshot of Amy Spitalnick; Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene

During a congressional hearing on the topic of "left-wing organized violence," Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, notorious for her conspiracy theories, attempted to question a witness but found herself facing an unexpected response.

Greene began by mispronouncing the name of the witness, Amy Spitalnick, a senior adviser on extremism at the human rights organization Human Rights First.

Greene then went on to suggest that abortion providers are the true "White supremacists" before launching a personal attack on Spitalnick.

You can see the video of their exchange below.

In an attempt to provoke a reaction, Greene asked:

"You think this is funny, Miss Spitalnick? Is this funny to you? Is babies being murdered in the womb funny to you, because you're smirking and laughing at me right now."

To Greene's surprise, Spitalnick responded with a serious and poignant answer, shifting the focus to the real threat of White supremacist violence.

She highlighted the victims of such violence, stating:

"What's not funny are the Black people, Hispanic people, Jewish people, and Muslim people who have been murdered in synagogue, in church, in supermarkets, in mosques, by white supremacists."

Seemingly unfazed by the response, Greene tried to deflect the conversation by claiming that all races face murder, ignoring the context and significance of addressing White supremacist violence:

“Are you aware that all-color people are murdered?"
"That is a fact, that every single color person has been murdered. That’s not unusual. It’s not just that people of color are murdered, White people are murdered too.”

During the hearing, Greene didn't stop at attacking abortion providers. She also targeted transgender individuals, making baseless claims about "trans terrorism" motivating mass shooters and expressing offense at the term "cisgender."

Spitalnick later described her encounter with Greene and other extremist lawmakers as "appalling," highlighting the disturbing nature of Greene's rhetoric and behavior.

Many have criticized Greene while praising Spitalnick's measured response.

Greene has faced regular criticism for aligning herself with White supremacists, at one point addressing the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), a known gathering for White supremacists.

Greene has feigned ignorance, insisting that her detractors are "bought and paid for" by China and other sources she could not publicly ascertain.

In addition to her extremist positions, Greene has propagated baseless conspiracy theories about mass shootings, even suggesting that some of these tragic events may have been staged.