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Grandma Comes Out In Iconic Fashion As She Admits She's Never Been 'That Keen' On Penises

Grandma Comes Out In Iconic Fashion As She Admits She's Never Been 'That Keen' On Penises

When it comes to coming out, it's never too late—even if you're a grandmother who's spent her life in relationships with men.

That's the lesson of a new viral video, in which a British woman named Aimee filmed her grandmother coming out to her for the first time.

The video begins with Aimee asking her grandmother to repeat what she'd just said before she began filming, whereupon she reveals the thing she's been keeping to herself most of her life.

"If I ever got involved with anybody again, it wouldn't be a man. It would be a woman. I do like women, I like women much more than men."

Aimee then asks for clarification from her grandmother—is she attracted to women physically as well?

After a moment's consideration, her grandmother delivers a quote sure to stick with anyone who watches the video for years to come.

"...Well, I think boobs are nice... I think the penis, I'm not that keen on it!"

Well there you have it.

Aimee then asks her grandmother if she's been repressing her feelings all these years because of societal expectations, and she agrees that she has. But that hasn't stopped her from know exactly the kind of woman she wants—someone in their late 60s.

To which Aimee observes, with relish:

"Ooh! You're a cougar!"

But her grandmother confirms that it's not only younger women that she prefers.

"I just like women anyhow… I've never liked men that much."

On Twitter, people were touched and moved by the video.

And everyone was pulling for her to meet that special 60-something female someone.

So is Aimee's grandmother looking to enter the dating pool?

Maybe someday, but for now, she's got far more on her mind.

"At the moment all I want to do is survive!"

We can certainly all relate to that.

But let this be a reminder to all of us once some sense of normalcy returns. No matter what happens, it's never too late to be your authentic self.