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Suspected Bike Thief Has Awkwardly Adorable Encounter With Dog On Security Camera

A man was caught on video appearing to steal a bike out of an open garage, but not before the family's friendly dog came out to say hello.

Suspected bike thief interacts with dog

It's a relatable problem: you're trying to do something important and you're interrupted by a dog wanting affection.

In the case of a recent bicycle theft, the important something was stealing a $1,300 bike out of a garage that was left open. The dog in question was the homeowner's Golden Retriever.

In a video caught on home security camera and released by the San Diego Police Department, the thief was seen starting to make off with the expensive bicycle, but was interrupted by the tail-wagging, happy-to-see-you, let's-be-friends Golden Retriever.

Instead of continuing to pedal off, the thief took a moment to play with the dog, petting it, rubbing its belly and telling it what a great dog it was.

The security camera caught them saying:

“You’re so cool. You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. Who’s your dad?. Your owner should not leave your garage open.”

After paying the metaphorical dog tax, the thief continued to steal the bike while the Golden Retriever looked on, tail wagging happily.

Which is why Golden Retrievers are trained as service dogs, not guard dogs.

People were highly amused.


They commented on what a good watch dog the dog made.





Others noted the thief seemed polite.


Some shared personal stories of their own dogs encountering thieves.


Mostly, people recognized a Golden Retriever's strengths and weaknesses as a breed.







As of this writing, the dog-loving thief remains at large.