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Church Minister Updates 'God Bless The USA' Lyrics To 'God Forgive The USA'—And Draws A Very Mixed Response


Adam Hall felt inspired to make a few changes. The music minister at the Burlington, Vermont First United Methodist Church, in a spurt of inspiration changed the lyrics to the 1984 song God Bless The USA to God Forgive The USA. He sang the song on Sunday for the first time. Many loved the knew words, while others were critical.

Hall didn't mean to disrespect the original version performed by Lee Greenwood, but felt:

...inspired by a power greater than myself, so I scrapped the anthem I had planned and created this new version.
It takes the original song's bravado and bluster and turns it into humility and reflection," he said, "but not in a disrespectful way, I hope.

Many folks approached Hall after the service to ask for a copy of the lyrics. The church decided to upload the performance to YouTube so the congregation can listen as often as they like.

Hall understands the lyric changes have effected people differently. He says:

Some are very offended by the song, and others feel it expresses how they are feeling today. What I hope people take away from the song is our need for corporate confession and forgiveness, but also the deep love and respect for our country that is also expressed.

You can read the lyrics in the video below.

Some liked the new version.

Others felt it was blasphemy!


H/T: Huffington Post