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The Golden Globes Are Getting Dragged For Some Super Cringey Tweets About 'West Side Story'

The Golden Globes Are Getting Dragged For Some Super Cringey Tweets About 'West Side Story'
20th Century Studios; @scott_tobias/Twitter

In a deeply embarrassing sign of our times, the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony kicked off this past weekend not only without an audience, but without even a broadcast.

After Hollywood figures and broadcast networks distanced themselves from the Globes following a sweeping Los Angeles Times exposé last February which uncovered details about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's shady practices and lack of non-White members, the ceremony went Twitter-only for 2022.

And boy howdy, was it an unmitigated mess.

Starting with, but not limited to, the ceremony's tweets about Steven Spielberg's remake of West Side Story, which the Globes seemed to not realize is a musical and not a comedy.

The ceremony deleted the tweet in question, but naturally a million screenshots were banked beforehand.

See the deeply cringe tweet below.

Spielberg's take on West Side Story swept several major categories at the Globes this weekend, nabbing awards for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, Best Director, and one of the ceremony's two most prestigious awards, Best Musical or Comedy Picture.

Unfortunately, the person at the helm of the Globes' Twitter feed didn't know which half of that category applied to West Side Story. They tweeted:

"If laughter is the best medicine, [West Side Story] is the cure for what ails you. Congrats on the [Golden Globe] for Best Picture--Musical or Comedy."

Yikes. Sure, not everybody's a musicals person, but West Side Story is one of the most iconic musicals--both on Broadway and in cinema--of all time. Shouldn't that be common knowledge for the people behind one of the industry's biggest awards?

Yes, it should--which is probably why the Globes deleted the tweet and reposted it with the word "music" swapped for "laughter" which... only made the whole thing funnier.

But it didn't stop there: They also posted a very weirdly worded tweet, seen below, about Best Supporting Actress winner Ariana DeBose that for some reason quoted the song "Lean on Me"... which not only isn't in West Side Story (or any other musicals, for that matter) but hadn't even been written yet when West Side Story was composed.

Taken all together, people couldn't help but wonder just exactly what on Earth was going on over at Globes HQ.

If this was all done purposefully, the Globes might be onto something. When was the last time you enjoyed a Golden Globes telecast as much as you enjoyed these bonkers tweets?