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Gay Guy's Mom Finds Bottle Of Poppers In His Car, And Her Reaction Is Priceless


How many of you gays have ever been put in the awkward position of explaining what poppers are to one or both of your parents?

When did you reveal to your parents that Amyl Nitrate was in fact, NOT videotape cleaner?

@ohseatow's mom unfortunately came across his bottle of poppers while volunteering to clean the floor of his car.

"Is this what I think it is?" she begins.

"What do you think it is?" he asks.

"...Semen?" she replies.

"NO!!!!!" he replies, thankful that It's not what she thought it was after all.

Gay men don't usually keep semen in a little bottle, for the record.

The next moment turned urgent when she accidentally sniffed the poppers.

For those of you still wondering what poppers are:

"Poppers are widely used as recreational drugs, especially on the gay scene, and are typically taken as fumes inhaled directly from small bottles. Poppers are cheap and easy to acquire, often sold as a room deodorizer or as sex enhancers in sex shops, although their use carries significant risks."

So the only way to use poppers is to sniff them. AND SHE SNIFFED THEM.

Poppers are really used during sex for gay men and they are a very awkward thing to try and explain to one's parents.

Gays, before you go home for the holidays, make sure your car floors are clear.

Otherwise you may find yourself having the same awkward conversation.