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Twitter Is Up In Arms After Someone Pointed Out A Commonly Misheard Lady Gaga Lyric

No, Lady Gaga is not singing 'red wine' at the beginning of her hit single 'Just Dance.'

Lady Gaga
Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Sometimes you mishear lyrics on the radio.

It's not your fault that the human brain wants to put together sounds into patterns and words and on occasion comes up with the one the singer didn't actually sing.

Twitter user Bright Light Bright Light—@brightlightx2—shook a lot of people recently when they pointed out a very common mistake people make about Lady Gaga's hit Just Dance.

The citizens of Twitter didn't take the news with grace.

Reactions poured in.

First, there were those who asked what many immediately thought—"Wait, what? She's not saying 'red wine'?"

Some asked "but what is she actually saying?"

At the top of the track, many people think she said "red wine," but, alas, they are wrong. Instead, she says "RedOne," as a reference to the song's producer, otherwise known as Nadir Khayat.

Here's the official music video so you can judge for yourself:

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Official Music Video) ft. Colby O'

To which others replied with the proper lyrics.

Some just felt a little silly for what they had been singing for years.

Others defended their interpretation of hearing "Red Wine" as it does go with the theme of the song.

Someone piped in with an example of a different Lady Gaga lyric they maybe misheard.

Some folks contributed times they misheard lyrics from other artists.

There's even a word for this type of mishearing of lyrics.

Some people, though, will be continuing with what they think they heard.

Catchy song, no matter what phrase Lady Gaga says at the beginning.