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Frito-Lay Worker Explains Why Bags Of Chips Always Seem To Be Mostly Filled With 'Air' In Viral TikToks

Frito-Lay Worker Explains Why Bags Of Chips Always Seem To Be Mostly Filled With 'Air' In Viral TikToks

There is little more frustrating than opening a bag of potato chips, only to discover the bag is barely one quarter full.

Many wonder if the companies who manufacture these chips are intentionally out to scam their customers.

But Selena Aragon, who works as a merchandiser for Frito Lay, shared some light on this common point of contention in a series of videos she shared to her TikTok page, where she goes by the handle @selenaaragon7.

In the first video, which has received over 1.7 million views, Aragon revealed that Frito Lay does indeed intentionally put the bags on the shelves half full of chips.


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Aragon gave a demonstration on what bags should look like on the shelves, and what they shouldn't.

Aragon first displayed a properly packed bag of Cheetos, placing her thumb roughly at the bag's halfway point, showing that the bag is only about half full of Cheetos.

Viewers were then shown a bag which Aragon declared to be "messed up", meaning that the bag was almost completely full, as she once again demonstrated with her thumb, and showing that the bag was almost full to the top.

An overlay then appeared on the screen, declaring that "they still taste the same, the bag is just full".

Even though the bag was technically "defective" Aragon claimed that she would put it on the shelf nonetheless, so that "one lucky customer" might get a bag that is 98% chips.

The video left viewers somewhat confused, with many expressing how they think all bags should be "defective", and have more chips than air in them.






In a follow up video, Aragon gave some explanation as to why Frito Lay intentionally puts bags that are half full of chips on the shelves, and why full bags are considered "defective".


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Aragon first acknowledged that she was well aware that the chip bags were filled with nitrogen, and not "air" as she said in the video, claiming she used "air" for simplicity's sake, while also pointing out that nitrogen is, in fact, a type of air.

She then explained that the reason bags are often on the more empty side is to protect them during transportation.

"These chips will get handled a lot, so it just ensures that the chips aren't getting smashed, and it keeps them fresh longer."

While some would likely consider this sneaky deception, Aragon then pointed out that customers should know what they're paying for by simply looking at the bag they purchased.

The video then cut to a bag of Cheetos, where Aragon closed in on a lower corner, which listed that the bag should be full of eight-and-a-half ounces of product.

Aragon then explained why fuller bags are considered "defective", and are often taken off shelves.

"The reason we're supposed to take these off the shelf is because, one, it didn't have much air in it, so the chips inside might be crushed or broken."
"In buying this fuller bag you are taking the risk that the product might not be up to standard."

Aragon said that those lucky enough to find defective bags on the shelves should consider them a "freebie", and said that also contributed to why Frito Lay employees are instructed to take them off the shelves.

"That's why we're supposed to take the overfilled bags off of the shelves, so it doesn't give people the unrealistic idea that they're gonna get a lot of chips every single time."
"They don't want to give anybody an unrealistic idea that this is how all the bags will be, but I think it's a nice surprise for someone, so I'm going to keep doing it."

Aragon then pointed out that the half full bags of chips has nothing to do with inflation, claiming "the price of chips is going up, because everything in the world is going up.

Perhaps in an attempt to level any further negative comments thrown at her, Aragon then made it clear that she is only an employee at Frito Lay who stocks the shelves, and has no affiliation with the corporate department of the company, claiming she finds the current prices of chips "just as crazy as you do."

Aragon had one final piece of advice for all those who threw negative comments at her.

"It's just chips, it's going to be OK."

In yet another follow-up, Aragon captured what it is like for her to find a "defective" bag of chips while at work.


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In the one minute video, Aragon demonstrated how she found multiple "defective" bags which were practically filled to the brim with chips.

But while she was excited to stock the shelves with these bags, in an effort to give a few lucky customers a "surprise", Aragon questioned whether or not to do so after receiving a number of negative comments.

Aragon made it clear that she wasn't remotely concerned if sneaking in a few "defective" bags onto shelves cost her her job.

"If the company fires me because I put a bag of chips on the shelf that's a little bit overfilled, that's not a company I want to be working for."

The video ended with Aragon questioning whether or not to sneak in the overfilled bags, or throw them away like she was supposed to.

TikTokers wasted no time in pleading with her to keep doing what she's doing.






If any shoppers in Littleton, Colorado happen to find a bag of Frito Lays chips which seem a bit more full than the others, you now know who to thank.