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Fox News Host Goes Viral After Singing 'I Gotta Pee' When He Didn't Realize He Was Live On Air

Fox News

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had an unexpected audience for his personal musical after the Fox News segment The Five came back on air before he was expecting it.

On camera, Gutfeld sang "I gotta pee, I gotta pee" while his co-hosts tried to signal to him that they were live.

It made for interesting television:

Gutfeld then ran away, presumably to hit the bathroom, forcing Jesse Watters to fill in for him.

Watters awkwardly acknowledged the incident before getting on with the show.

Despite the strange moment, many people are saying it's the most intelligent conversation Fox News has entertained in the recent and distant past.

Gutfeld later made sure we knew he did the deed, tweeting:

Though it's not typical news content; Fox News spends most of it time furthering conspiracy theories and mocking politicians who were afraid for their lives during the Capitol insurrection; it does seem to be the most viral content they've produced in years.