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Fox News Show Erupts After Trump's Pal Geraldo Rivera Basically Admits That The Election Is Over

Fox News Show Erupts After Trump's Pal Geraldo Rivera Basically Admits That The Election Is Over
Fox News

By every standard held to previous presidential candidates, Joe Biden won the 2020 elections, far exceeding the margins Trump himself beat Hillary Clinton by in 2016.

Despite that, many commentators on Fox News have been following the President's lead by casting doubt on the election results and suggesting without evidence that there might be some sort of widespread conspiracy theory at play.

During a recent episode of The Five, however, things went off the rails when co-host Geraldo Rivera pointed out that the network was giving viewers "false hope" by acting as if Donald Trump's debunked conspiracy theories may be real.

Rivera pointed out how wild Fox's conspiracy theories were, saying:

"The Clinton Foundation? George Soros?"
"Hugo Chavez? An international conspiracy?"
"Why not Elvis?"

Rivera, a friend of Donald Trump's, admitted he wanted the President to win re-election, but the Trump campaign offered no evidence whatsoever for their claims.

"I love the president! I wanted him to win the election. What I saw with Rudy Giuliani, who I've known for decades, was bizarre, it was unfocused."
"It was conspiracy theory, this and that. When you have evidence that you suggest — what's the lawsuit that that evidence attaches to? What's the action?"
"You can't go to a court and say, 'It's fraud, judge, prove it for me! Or ask the FBI to prove it for me!' That's not the way it happens!"

Many on Twitter were shocked they seemed to be hearing some sound logic from Geraldo Rivera.

When Jesse Waters pointed out the Trump campaign still had some active lawsuits pending, Rivera pointed out:

"They dropped Michigan! They dropped Pennsylvania! We're giving false hope! We're giving false hope to people."

Twitter expressed their deep frustration any host at Fox News continued to undermine democracy by lending credence to Trump's selfish claims.

It seems even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Today, that clock is Geraldo Rivera and he was absolutely right on this episode of The Five.