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Fox News Host Dragged After Calling Out Obviously Satirical TIME Cover For Being A 'Complete Lie'

Fox News

Fox News has never been strong at recognizing satire, and are so focused on riling up their base, often they outright ignore satire.

The cover of Time Magazine was perfect fodder for this type of blind criticism.

The cover, which depicts Joe Biden standing in a trashed Oval Office on the first day of his presidency, received a very puzzling critique from anchor Harris Faulkner.

Faulkner's criticism said the image was "not real," to which the general American public said, "duh."

Faulkner declared:

"If you saw that on the opposite with a conservative President and it was, you know, all over the place, mainstream media would be on fire about it."
"But with Joe Biden it's OK to do this?"
"Let's see if others in the mainstream media have the gumption to call out the fact that that's just a complete lie."

Most people are really lost as to what Faulkner's point was supposed to be, given the picture is obviously a political cartoon and therefore, very obviously, not "real."

Others were more puzzled regarding Faulkner's statement she "thought we were a nation who cared about facts," coming from the "alternative facts" news-station itself.

Nevertheless, Faulkner seems acutely unaware American political cartoons have been around since 1754—before the founding of the United States.