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#FolkloreThursdays Is Now A Thing On Twitter And The Results Are Engrossing AF


Sometimes in life we don't even know we are missing something until we have it and then we wondered how we ever lived without it. Welcome to #FolkloreThursdays,

We have to warn you once you go down the rabbit hole of Folklore Thursdays is is nearly impossible to walk away. Where else are you going to learn that kissing a donkey will cure a toothache or that itchy thighs means you may be entering a new bed chamber soon. Ooh la la!

The Twitter account and hashtag were created by Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham and we simply can't get enough of these tidbits of historic folklore.

Geez, some of this stuff gets kind of dark.

And we thought we had it bad with Twitter trolls. People in the olden days were brutal.

H/T: Twitter Moments