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Anti-Mask Man Shouts 'I Feel Threatened!' In Florida Costco Meltdown After Being Told To Wear Mask

Anti-Mask Man Shouts 'I Feel Threatened!' In Florida Costco Meltdown After Being Told To Wear Mask
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You wouldn't think it'd be the most difficult thing in the world to ask people to wear a covering over their face to help prevent the spread of a disease, but a particular subset of people seem to be arguing otherwise.

It's honestly incredibly frustrating how people keep throwing the biggest tantrums over something so simple that can protect so many people.

Well, we have another one. This time in where else but Florida.

And what other store might it have happened at but Costco.

In a video taken at the end of June, in the Costco at Gulf Coast Town Center, a man is seen yelling at another customer for being asked to wear a mask.

The video is short, and the man starts fairly polite.

He informs the customer taking the video that,

"You are harassing me and my family."

However, in a literal second the tone changes and the man in the red shirt starts angrily yelling that,

"I feel threatened! Back off!"

Somehow being asked to wear a mask is super threatening.

The person who took the video has chosen to remain anonymous for his own safety.

He told the NY Post that an older woman had asked the man in the video to put on a mask and he started harassing her. So the video taker stepped in to defend her.

While yelling about how threatened he felt and stepping toward the camera aggressively, the woman with him can be heard trying to calm the man down.

No one guessed from his inability to remain calm that he'd have the day job of "insurance salesman."

The man was found to be Daniel Maples, an insurance salesman for Ted Todd Insurance. However, due to his public tantrum at the simple request to wear a mask, we should say he is a former salesman for the agency.

There were some who argued that cancel culture has gone too far, and that someone shouldn't lose their livelihood over a video online. Others pointed out that it's really easy to wear a mask, or at least to not aggressively stomp toward someone while angrily yelling.

Because if you do, it's going to the one place where all these videos end up—the Public Freakout board on Reddit.

"Lmfao did he just say "you're harassing me infront of my wife"? Next to his wife wearing a mask?" - frostmasterx
"Nothing says alpha male like a pair of flippy flops." - Snabbt
"Now you know why she is wearing a mask - she hopes to avoid being recognized." - ezagreb

When you are out in public, you should be wearing some kind of facial covering unless you have a legitimate reason not to.

Surgical and N95 grade masks should be saved for medical professionals while they're in short supply, but even a simple cloth mask can help reduce the spread of the virus so hospital ICUs are not overwhelmed.

As of this writing, several hospitals in Florida have reported their ICUs are at 100% capacity.

Do your part, and mask up.