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Arizona Woman Brags About Wearing A '$40k Rolex' After Destroying Target's Face Mask Display

Arizona Woman Brags About Wearing A '$40k Rolex' After Destroying Target's Face Mask Display

At a Target in Arizona, a woman has gone viral for recording a video of her own awful behavior.

In the clip, the woman, identified as Melissa Rein Lively, sees that Target is selling face masks.

She gleefully tears them off the display and throws them onto the floor.

She can be heard saying:

"So, Target, I'm not playing anymore f*cking games. This sh*t is f*cking over. This sh*t's over...Yeah, wooh!"

The woman was approached by Target employees asking her to stop vandalizing the store.

While being confronted, she didn't hesitate to bring her race and wealth up, saying:

"Why? You let everybody else do it … I can't do it because I'm a blond White woman? That's wearing a f—ing $40,000 Rolex?"

Lively was later arrested.

She told law enforcement officers who arrived at her home she's a spokesperson for President Trump and QAnon, saying:

"I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson."

Then, as she's being handcuffed, the woman said:

"You're doing this to me 'cause I'm Jewish! This is a Nazi f—king game."

Lively was quickly identified online as the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of "Karens"—White women who use their privilege to justify their bad behavior and attack others.

As is the case with almost every Karen, Lively was lambasted by Twitter.

Many wondered what Lively was expecting after filming herself committing a crime.

Many felt that the woman was displaying seriously unstable behavior.

It's hard to tell which of Lively's statements were lies and which she actually believed.

Wearing a mask isn't something to rebel against, especially considering Arizona's rapidly spiking virus numbers.

Most people would learn something after being arrested for their bad behavior, but it seems unlikely Lively will take any helpful lessons away from this ordeal.