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Guy's Record-Breaking 5-Year Game On 'Minecraft' Comes To A Sudden, Devastating End Live On Twitch

Guy's Record-Breaking 5-Year Game On 'Minecraft' Comes To A Sudden, Devastating End Live On Twitch

For five years, Twitch streamer Philza has been impressing fans with his continued permadeath campaign in the video game Minecraft.

As the name implies, permadeath mode is made for hardcore gamers who want a little extra challenge: once you die, even once, the game is over.

Philza has managed to keep his permadeath game alive for more than five years, the longest known example online. But it all came to a screeching, unexpected halt this past Wednesday, April 24.

While mining in a cave, Philza encountered several zombies as well as one zombie baby in magical armor.

His health rapidly declining, Philza turned to escaped, only to get bitten by the most lowly of assailants: a spider.

The screen flashed to "game over" and Philza was understandably overwhelmed:

"No! Really? That's how I die?"

After five years of avoiding powerful monsters and dangerous environments, death by spider is a particularly ironic way to go out:

"Of all the things, I knew it was going to be something stupid."

Of course, the spider wouldn't have landed his final blow if not for the damage done by the armored baby. While a baby zombie may not sound threatening, they're able to move faster and do more damage than their "adult" counterparts.

Gamers everywhere sent Philza their heartfelt condolences.

In accordance with gaming custom, many sent him a simple "F" to indicate their respects.

At the end of the day, however, five years is no small amount of time. Philza should be proud of his achievement!

To be killed by a spider after five years of playing—what a disappointment!

Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned from this story...

Your five-years will be remembered fondly, Philza. Well done on your record-breaking campaign!

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