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Washington Firefighters Shut Down Tomi Lahren After She Mocks Biden's Masculinity For Wearing A Mask

Washington Firefighters Shut Down Tomi Lahren After She Mocks Biden's Masculinity For Wearing A Mask
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Conservative FoxNation host Tomi Lahren got blasted on Twitter this week after insinuating Joe Biden following mask guidelines was somehow effeminate.

The tweet was in response to Biden calling out President Trump for his dramatic mask removal at the White House while still contagious. Trump had just been transferred to the White House medical suite from Walter Reed hospital after being treated for the virus.

Tomi—known for her outspoken viewpoints—managed to turn following health and safety guidelines during a pandemic into a gendered issue.

The union representing Spokane County Fire District 8, who work to maintain safety, had a simple message for Tomi tweeting:

"As we do one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. We'd carry a purse to [sic] if it meant keeping our community safe."

Someone call the burn unit.

The burn from the fire union district reached national attention with tens of thousands of likes, comments, and retweets praising the response.

When someone pointed out a small grammatical error the fire district still had some heat to throw.

Union President and fulltime firefighter Jay Wilkins spoke to KREM 2 about the tweet saying:

"This was never intended to be political, but it has gotten there,"
"What struck me is that folks who have a high degree of influence using that influence to move away from the science of the spread of [the virus]."
"And it's a challenge we face every day on the job. What we've found out is that when folks don't believe the science, it affects our working conditions."
"And it, of course, affects the community. So we feel like working together as a community is the only way to prevent or decrease the spread at least."

Other users pointed to the difference in candidates health and Lahren's odd perception of gender roles in a pandemic.

Why does Lahren think being irresponsible and holding superspreader events is masculine? Does she hate men?

Stay healthy and safe and if physically able, wear your mask!