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Author Admits She Based Seductive Scientist Character On Dr. Fauci In Her 1991 Bestselling Romance Novel

Author Admits She Based Seductive Scientist Character On Dr. Fauci In Her 1991 Bestselling Romance Novel
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Those who have read Sally Quinn's 1991 novel Happy Endings may have thought the mysterious scientist love interest seemed a bit familiar.

Quinn has now revealed she used Dr. Anthony Fauci as the basis for her character Michael Lanzer.

Lanzer is described as "a dashing National Institute of Health scientist who discovered a therapy for AIDS at a time when the President is HIV-positive."

The book was published in 1993 and is currently out of print, but used copies are available online.

The author told The Washingtonian how she and Fauci met at a dinner party.

She was immediately taken by his personality and he inspired a new character for her.

"I just fell in love with him. Usually those dinners, you make polite conversation, and that's it. But we had this intense conversation, personal conversation. I thought, 'Wow, this guy is amazing.'"

At this point, Fauci had already been working for years at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

In the novel, Lanzer begins a heated romance with former First Lady Sadie Grey who is won over by—among other things—his "low, melodious, sexy, almost hypnotic" voice.

Quinn described Grey's ideal lover, saying Fauci fit the bill.

"What kind of person would she be in love with? It would not be somebody from a great family or with a lot of money. But it would be somebody who was really brilliant, and compassionate, and kind, and decent, and honest. All of those things—and sexy."

Fauci also seemed very different from the usual political crowd.

"He was so different from most Washington people, because he's so self-effacing. He's not in it for the glory or the name recognition."

Of course, Dr. Fauci has now become one of the most respected names in America.

Many U.S. citizens trust his word on the global pandemic far more than they trust the President's.

Fauci most likely prefers to be known in his current role, but that doesn't mean he's ignorant of his place in Quinn's stories.

The good doctor has apparently been made aware of his connection to Dr. Lanzer.

Quinn commented:

"He just thought it was funny. I think he was a little embarrassed."

Here's to Dr. Fauci, the heart throb America deserves.

The book Happy Endings is available here.