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Fans Are Loving Jennifer Garner's Take On The 10 Year Challenge

Garner may have won the 10 year challenge with her photo.

Fans Are Loving Jennifer Garner's Take On The 10 Year Challenge
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The internet looked back this week on how the last 10 years has been to us all.

Some have made drastic transformations, others haven't changed one bit, but has anyone come as far as Jennifer Garner in the last decade?

We think not.

No matter what corner of the internet you were browsing this week chances are the 10 year challenge found you, probably more than once.

Posts from those taking the challenge took over feeds every where as people shared their comparison shots from 2009 and today.

Among all the photos of jaw dropping transitions or the surprisingly unchanged was one from actress and social media darling Jennifer Garner that may have topped them all.

Never one to take herself too seriously Garner shared an embarrassing paparazzi shot from back in 2009 and showed us all just how far she has come since then.

Instead of posting a glamour shot like many other A-listers joining in on the viral phenomenon Garner decided to poke a little fun at herself sharing a less than flattering shot of her torn and tattered underwear that a paparazzo snagged back in 2009.

We all have that one piece of shabby clothing that we refuse to get rid of hiding some where in our closets, but instead of cringing in embarrassment Garner just decided to own it, tagging the post "🤦🏻♀️ #getittogethergurl #biggirlpanties #👵🏼but😃."

Garner's followers on Instagram all seemed to agree that it was the most hilarious 10 year challenge so far.

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Probably because everyone related to it so hard.

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Thankfully Garner wasn't the only one willing to poke fun at herself and plenty of others added their own hysterical spins to the challenge.

Comedian Amy Schumer's priceless take on the challenge might also have been the most disturbing.

While DJ and producer Diplo decided to confuse everyone by stealing James Van Der Beek's identity.

Some stars however took the time to remind us that some of the changes in the last 10 years were no laughing matter.

But whether you are looking to change things up or keep the good things going between now and 2029 here's hoping the next 10 years looks bright for all of us.