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Christian Fundamentalist Rages About 'Gay Agenda' After Disney Features Cartoon Duck With Two Gay Dads

Christian Fundamentalist Rages About 'Gay Agenda' After Disney Features Cartoon Duck With Two Gay Dads

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for season 3 of DuckTales.

The reboot of the iconic DuckTales television show has been on a roll.

It has been very well received, especially for a show whose original was so beloved, and gave this new version a lot to live up to.

However, not everyone has been so in love with the new series.

Sure, you might find some purists upset at the changes and additions to DuckTales lore, which, if you haven't seen the show, can get really deep.

But you also get Evangelical Christian pastors best known for building an ark in Kentucky upset about a character having two dads.

Ken Ham, a controversial Evangelical Christian fundamentalist and young Earth creationist, is seen here losing his mind over an all ages cartoon.

His fear is that Disney is pushing the dreaded "Gay Agenda" because in the season 3 premiere of the show earlier this month, we finally get to meet Violet's two dads.

And honestly, they look like a cute family.

Disney XD

However, for homophobes like Ham, this is seen as an attack on them... or something. The followers of Ham's Facebook posts agreed that this was wrong, and reacted negatively to the news.

Some even threatened to boycott all of Disney over this.

But it doesn't matter.

Many more welcomed and enjoyed the new additions to the cast of side characters and the diversity they bring with them.

The show has a very loyal following, as the series delves deeper into characters histories and relationships compared to the older show.

Adding in some much needed representation just makes people love DuckTales even more.

Folks like Ken Ham and the inaccurately named One Million Moms group rage against any positive depiction of homosexuality. The latter group even started a pledge to get people to boycott the show.

Despite this, people have stood by the show, with some people defending it online. Even if they don't care about it, they'll defend the act of having these characters in the show.

We shouldn't have to debate over someone else's right to exist and be represented.

The new season of DuckTales premiered earlier this month on Disney XD. The show follows Scrooge McDuck who is reunited with his nephew—the famous Donald Duck. Donald's own nephews—Huey, Dewey and Louie—get in to all kinds of crazy adventures with their uncles and new friends they make along the way.

You can get DuckTales: The Movie—Treasure of the Lost Lamp from the original series here.