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Far-Right Troll Dragged After Filming Himself Stomping On Kids' Pride Apparel Sign At Target

Ethan Schmidt punched and stomped on a Pride sign inside Target and called it 'devil worship' after a customer called him out.

Screenshots of Ethan Schmidt removing and stomping on the Pride apparel sign in Target

Far-right extremist Ethan Schmidt became the target of online mockery after he punched and stomped on a Pride apparel sign inside a Target and called it "devil worship" after a customer called him out.

Schmidt later confirmed the video was his after it went viral on r/PublicFreakout, a subreddit "dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public" and was posted to Twitter.

He can be seen punching the sign before removing it, putting it on the floor, and stomping on it.

A customer called Schmidt out, asking, "What's wrong with you?" before Schmidt proceeded to repeat several times that the sign was an icon of "devil worship."

You can see what happened in the video below.

In a message on Telegram, Schmidt confirmed the video was his but said it had been filmed a couple of years ago.

The video itself is nothing new for Schmidt, who has previously made videos of himself knocking down Pride displays in other retail stores, including Barnes and Noble.

Many were quick to mock Schmidt for his homophobic outburst.

Schmidt is a well known homophobe in right-wing circles.

Last year, the LGBTQ+ community expressed fear and concern after he released a video in which he threatened to "hunt" down LGBTQ+ allies during Pride Month festivities.

In his video, Schmidt, who is shown riding in a vehicle alongside the self-described “authoritarian Christian nationalist" Kyle Clifton, said he planned on “exposing” the “Satanic Pride shrines for children” and would target LGBTQ+-supportive employees at Target retail stores.

The video garnered significant social media attention after it was posted by PatriotTakes, an account dedicated to tracking far-right movements.

It also prompted Target to acknowledge the threat and the company said via its corporate account that it was working with its corporate security team in addition to its partners to ensure its staff's safety.