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Eric Trump Tried To Troll Biden With A Couple Of Contrasting Rally Photos—And It Backfired Hard

Eric Trump Tried To Troll Biden With A Couple Of Contrasting Rally Photos—And It Backfired Hard
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Well, it's that time again, another moment when Eric Trump has tried to make a point and has ended up getting roasted instead.

Yesterday, Eric Trump attempted to drag Joe Biden on Twitter by putting a photo of Biden's seemingly empty rally beside a photo of one of Trump's crowded rallies, suggesting that the photos indicated Biden is actually losing the election.

But, of course, he forgot some key details—most notably that we're in a pandemic—and ended up posting a massive self-own.

The tweet juxtaposes the two rally photos with the caption "The polls are wrong...", suggesting that polling showing Joe Biden with a wide lead must be wrong because there's no excitement about his campaign.

Of course, the two photos are taken from completely different angles and perspectives. We couldn't possibly know how many people were in attendance at Biden's rally based on the photograph Eric Trump chose, because none of the crowd is shown.

More importantly, Biden's rally was a so-called "drive-in" rally, where people show up in their cars in order to stay safe from the virus and avoid transmitting it in large crowds, which is why you see trucks in front of the stage. Bottom line: Trump's tweet compares apples to oranges.

But all that aside, the most glaring issue with the tweet is that Trump seems to have forgotten that we are in a pandemic, and that his father recently contracted the virus at a so-called superspreader event at the White House, and is now holding in-person rallies with large crowds of mostly unmasked people. And, he's doing this all while almost certainly still contagious.

To any sensible person, the Biden rally is the far more preferable situation, as the Trump one is downright dangerous.

Unsurprisingly, Eric Trump's snarky tweet landed like a lead balloon, and the Twitter roasts came in swift and hot.

On the same day that Eric Trump posted this tweet, he also posted photos from large indoor Trump rallies in Detroit and Minnesota, where most attendees were unmasked.