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Florida School Superintendent Finds Clever Way To Ask Swift Fans Not To Miss Class For 'Eras Tour'

Hillsbourough public schools superintendent Addison Davis used Swift's famous song titles to drive the message home in hilarious fashion.

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour continues and with it the number of people affected by it grows steadily.

While most of her fans are adults who can pre-schedule a day off from work, some of the lucky concert goers are children. But as one superintendent in Florida pointed out in anticipation of the concert, they can't always just not attend classes the following day.

The superintendent, however, at least wrote the reminder note in a way Swifties could understand.

Hillsborough County Superintendent Addison Davis wrote in a letter to students:

“There’s a ‘Delicate’ situation we must discuss. Are you… ‘Ready For It’?"
"I understand there is a rather big concert taking place in Tampa this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In my ‘Wildest Dreams’ I never thought I’d be sending a communication saying this, however, ‘This Is Me Trying’ to be the best Superintendent I can be without creating any ‘Bad Blood’ between myself and our amazing students."

Tongue firmly in cheek, Davis added:

"Students, You Need to Calm Down. Under no circumstances will Friday be an excused absence because you were having an Enchanted evening under the Starlight at Raymond James Stadium. I understand I am the Anti-Hero here, and Call It What You Want, but You’re On Your Own Kid if you think being a Swiftie is a good excuse for missing important instruction."
"You know All Too Well you Should’ve Said No to attending a Thursday night concert. Especially one from an artist who is known for putting on a 3-hour AMAZING show."
"You may think you’re ‘Out of the Woods’ since it is the fourth quarter, but make no mistake, if you miss an important lesson, you will not be able to ‘Shake It Off.’ Your report card could be ‘Treacherous’ because you refused to ‘Stay Stay Stay’ in class. I know, I know, ‘You’re Not Sorry’ for such a ‘Gorgeous’ concert, but I promise you, this is not a ‘Hoax'."

The Florida superintendent concluded:

"‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ in class."
"I hope there is not a ‘Blank Space’ in your seat on Friday morning."
"It could be a ‘Cruel Summer’ if you prioritize being a Swiftie over being in class."
"‘You Belong With Me,’ ‘Me!,’ in school."
"Please don’t make me see ‘Red’ with your absence."
"‘Forever And Always',"
"Hillsborough Superintendent Addison Davis”

You can see the clever correspondence here:

Many people were amused by the references and replied with more themselves.

Some people were less than charmed by the note full of references, however.

The majority of comments on the letter were people recounting school or work they missed due to concerts and how they felt no regrets.

Someone made a point this is a Florida school district.

However, most people just were charmed by the letter.

The sudden clustering of "doctor and dentist appointments" for the day after the concert will definitely be interesting for the district schools to process.